Higher Ground Recovery, Inc. - Promoting an awakening of empowerment, confidence & wellness
Adolescent and Adult General problems to Mental Health, Substance Abuse 
And Co-occurring issues
(Includes but not limited to)·         
Diagnostic Evaluation and Assessment
Individual Therapy Sessions
Couples Counseling
Psycho-Education Group Therapy
Relapse Prevention Therapy Groups
Aftercare Groups

Continuing Care
Co-Occurring Group Sessions
Parent(s) of addicted and/or mentally ill and/or problem youths  ·         
Adult Co-dependency and Adult Children of Alcoholics (COA/ACOA)
Trauma issues
Grief issues
Employee Assistant Programs 
Works in Collaboration with:
Consumer referrals 
Court Systems, ASAP, Judges, Attorneys, Guardian Ad Litem, CASA  
· Department of Social Services, Child Protective Services, Family Stabilization and Family Violence Prevention Program
- Adult and Juvenile Probation and Parole Services: Local, State and Federal
- School Social Workers
- Diversion Programs
- Other Professional Agencies
- Employers
- Insurance Companies
- Psychiatric and Addiction acute care and Residential treatment
- Military - McGuire's VA Medical Center
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