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Deborah's Experience with Higher Ground Recovery

Deborah Castagna

My experience with Christine through Higher Ground Recovery was incredible!!! Going here was quite funny for me because friends, co-workers and family would be coming to me. Here I was being introduced to Christine feeling silly thinking why am I here? I should be able to work via my own issues and perhaps at my age with grownup kids I shouldn't be having issues.

Christine was great. She wasn't judgmental and could read into my soul and in between the words. Christine was objective and fair I say that because I am married and living with my hubby still. Sometimes when we experience a very close loss we become consumed and overwhelmed. We dismiss unintentionally of course, that others share in our loss as well and that they handle it differently causing us to over react to the way they cope with the loss. Christine has the insight education and intellect to go beyond for and with her clients. Sometimes healing takes many go arounds and its doing it all together mind body and soul.

That's the only way to do it and its the client that has to have the realization of connecting the dots once the work is done. We learn we Grow we change as all things do. Christine is down to earth a good people person. She is true to her calling and Higher Ground is a Reflection of one of the many good things she offers the community. Thank you Christine.


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