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Recovery is Work

We always respect our clients privacy but this is a review on google we wanted to share because its always better to read first person accounts.

From one of our clients, Carl Skym

First, I want to say I am sorry you had a bad experience. In recovery, remember we have our difficulties of feelings. Before anyone reads this, I want you to understand I am not the best with grammar and writing.

I attended Higher Ground Recovery groups for two years. I found Christine smart and educated on substance abuse and recovery; I believe she is no way an idiot. Christine can be abrasive, frank, yet she is honest; for this, her behavior can be a turnoff some people in recovery.

I believe Christine is ethical and professional going beyond requirements of the health care profession. In the two years, I have known Christine; I have never heard her say a false or unprofessional thing about any goers to higher ground recovery. The teaching methods I have experienced at Higher Ground Recovery and with Christine have been professional and sound. For years, I tried to kick my addiction yet I was not able until I received support from the groups at Higher Ground Recovery. I served in the US Army and Air Force (Active duty, Reserves and National Guard) for over 34 years; I have served in Iraq. I have been in and around healthcare for over 30 years. I have worker in emergency departments for more than 14 years. My father was physically and mentally abusive to his wife and children. Only with the help of Christine, Higher Ground Recovery, and friends in the group, I have been able to stay free from my addiction for two years now. Christine helped me put tools in place to stay free as long as I keep using the tools. Recovery is work. Take the saying for Alcoholics Anonymous, “it works if you work it”. Higher Ground Recovery is not for everyone; just like living, an addiction free life is not for everyone. Before you make a judgment based on one person, I urge you to check out all sources of help. I hope all that are suffering from an addiction find tools to help them live a happy life.


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